Are you afraid to fly on the Expert Server?

I dont think so

no one is going to ongaurd you on cruise. only fear you can have is running out of fuel… ;)

I am. Not because of not following rules, but other things. Controller changes, network issues, airports at high altitude. You can always get ghostings reversed but still. A bit uneasy.

Yes, i never participate in the FNF or the FlashFlight because i already got ghosted for flying traffic patterns so i only fly on Trainingserver.

I’m fine with expert. There was only once that the ATC ghosted me for no reason and I haven’t solved it yet lol

Don’t fear Expert server. Just be prepared for it so you don’t frustrate others and yourself.

And when you get referred to check tutorials, then please do so!


I realise this is off topic, but statements like this always trigger me. Why do people always blame others first when there’s a dispute (or in this case a Report). Is it really that hard to first consider the fact that perhaps it was you (or me for that matter) who made a mistake? The fact that you don’t know why you got reported, doesn’t mean you were reported for no reason.

Over the years as IFATC, over half the people that query their ghost start by saying “I did nothing wrong”. And by far in most cases I was able to explain clearly why I had to report this pilot. “Oh, I didn’t know that”…


In the start I used to be a little hesitant to fly on Expert Server but now I’ve realised that most of the times the controllers are very lenient if you do something wrong (let you off with just a please check tutorials for ATC) and in come cases they are way too lenient!

You dont need to watch ATC tutorials before flying in the Expert Server. Just do a few flights and improve on the things where ATC tells you to seek ATC tutorials - you’ll be all right


Not really

Im afraid but fly there anyway :)
Fun to talk with the controller at a busy Airport while holding short ;)

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I was afraid of it too, at first, you will learn! Jump in!!!

Ok thank u

It’s pretty hard as they expect you to follow every tiny little step. I got ghosted for spamming when I requested 3 times 1minutes apart. -_-

I’m sorta scared of Expert (read my bio), though I’ve been reassured by some other community members😂

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Expect you will mess up, … Here are main keys to remember… Taxi speed, keep it under 30kts, BELIEVE ME… Under fl100. Put your auto speed to 240 it’s and stay there! Don’t play around with it, you will get speeding tickets real quick! When using ATC, Go over as many of the tutorials as possible, make friends with an ATC controller, see if they will help familiarize you with ATC controlled airspace! Be aware of your surroundings at all times… I chased an f14 while I was in f22 training school, all the way from Vegas to Phoenix AZ, right into a controlled airspace… If you do mess up, don’t be afraid to talk to the controller! They are as a rule very easy to get along with, don’t freak out on them, they will do their best to help fix the error! Hope this helps a little! Happy flying mate!

Hey there!

So like many people in this thread, I was indeed nervous to fly on expert for the first time! Heck, I was even scared to fly on the Training Server for the first time because I really really did not even want to get any violations! So what did I do? I read the forum! Anything you are nervous about or unsure of I guarantee someone has written a post about it here! Read up on the tutorials. While you are on the Training Server I highly suggest going through each of the ATC commands and looking them up on the Forum so you know when to use them and what to do when they are used (it is also super helpful if you actually try to control on TS as well and see all the commands ATC can give).

With the help of the posts on this forum I made it through TS unscathed, and was super nervous to fly on Expert but I went for it anyways! I still remember my first time, it was a flight from Milan to Zurich (Zurich had IFATC) and it was such a thrill!!! So much fun to have actual ATC and a high amount of traffic at 1 airport (who are all listening to the ATC commands unlike LAX on TS). I’ve hardly flown on the TS since then.

It can definitely be scary, but here is the thing, IFATC is not out to get you in any way shape or form! They are all here on this forum and most of them are super active. You will see they are super friendly! If they see you do something wrong they will definitely give you a warning before they ghost you, they aren’t just handing out ghosts all willy nilly (I’ve only ever seen one person get ghosted). All you have to do is follow ATC instructions, don’t deviate from those instructions, and you’ll be absolutely fine!

One other thing, you said you got freaked out because a plane turned orange when the both of you were doing a parallel takeoff, this is absolutely fine and will happen! If ATC is doing Parallel Takeoffs and Landing they aren’t gonna ghost somebody because they are too close together, because ATC had them close together on purpose, so know need to freak out about that!

Anyways hope you fly on Expert soon and you’ll realize just how amazing it is!



I’m scared of being ghosted because of someone else’s mistake. The expert server is slowly turning into the reasoning server when ifatc are not on.

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same here haha

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Thanks IFATC for your thoughts.
As for me, I’m not afraid of IFATC, but occasionally they are annoying and ghost when they really don’t need to. Some don’t use charts, and some use straight out departures when they don’t need to, and others ghost or give warnings for minor things when the aircraft was never interfering with others.


I was ghosted for “going thru planes” but I did not. The other plane was clearly in front of me.