Are you able to change your plane’s squawk?

I’m pretty sure you can’t change your planes squawk to 1500 or 1600 or something like that can you?

Yes, but not in IF, and you don’t get emergencies anyway so you wouldn’t need to

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Oh right ok that’s sad would be cool to have squawk of your radio is not right or pretend to be hijacked and squawk 1500 for an emergency landing

On a side note, you squawk 7500 for hijacking. :)

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It’d be a lot of work adding it because then you’d have to add emergencies

Rip and it’s also 7600 for radio problems silly me

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And no you wouldn’t have to add emergency’s just say a text “land now or the flight will end” for a like fire inboard or something doesn’t have to be big

It is different for Europe and America

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I think it’s actually the same

No its definitely not different

Just a cautionary note, be careful with the “H” word. You never know who is watching.


Probably would happen if this is added:

We do not have squawk codes in Infinite Flight. There are #features you can vote on to add them to the sim.