Are you a web dev virtual pilot?

Just curious, how many of you are web developers that fly your long hauls while working?? I’m lucky enough to work from home and this sim pairs perfectly with all the consulting I do! 🤣



I do the same

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I fly them while I’m in school. Same concept I guess… 🤷🏻‍♂️


Same here @KPIT


I’ve never flown while at school (maybe I should try) but I find a short haul is a perfect amount of time to fix one bug (and knowing programming, create another in the process)

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I start a long haul an hour before I go to school and set it to land an hour after I get home. I do a short haul flight after that, and then start over while I sleep. Kind of the same thing as work I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️


I go to school meaning I need the stuff I fly on Infinite Flight for. Although, I have plans of getting a new iPad just for Infinite Flight so I can do long haul flights while in school.

On the ipad, you can set up the CAD which will help you to make the project ready on time and you can also learn more from kaspersky antivirus error 1922

I go to school and leave my iPad on flying for some 16 hour long hauls, that counts?

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