Are yokes compatible with IF?

I’ve been thinking of getting a yoke to use for IF but Im unsure if there are any that can be connected to IF. Keep in mind I’m not looking for a joystick as the Logitech 3D pro has done me well. If there are any yokes compatible with IF, is there a cheap one that performs well?


afaik none have been tested with liveflight, but as long as they play nice with DirectInput, the windows side API used for input by liveflight, and you are on windows they should? there is no intrinsic difference between a yoke and a joystick to the game. just joysticks have actually been tested

This topic should have everything you need: Joystick Support in Infinite Flight

Good luck, happy flying :)

Yokes do work. Try the Logitech g saitek pro flight yoke

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I’ve used a yoke with Infinite Flight in the past and it worked. I had issues trying to set up more than peripheral, so I couldn’t use a yoke along with rudder pedals, but that didn’t matter too much. That said, Infinite Flight works better when simply using your devices accelerometer as controls. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve always found it harder to use a joystick or yoke with Infinite Flight, even if they work perfectly for a desktop sim.

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Thank you for all the replies but after reading what @bensonb said, I’ve decided I’ll just continue using a joystick when I fly. Thanks again.

that is a limitation of liveflight not IF, just an FYI

and yeah i do understand what you mean. i needed to massively lower my sensitivty for it to be nice

For a straight point: not all yokes are compatible.

BUT SOMEHOW we have seen xbox players here

Since I don’t have a yoke (YET) I improvised an modified an xbox Elite Controller

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