Are winds in 28,000Ft (and higher) are much higher than winds in lower altitude?

While flying, I noticed my GS that it had almost 640kts (in a 737-700) that i see it ridiculous for that aircraft.

They are indeed, check the Windy site or app It lets you check winds at different altitudes.

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Yes winds at higher altitude is more common. Your GS is your airspeed + the wind thus why you were going so fast.

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640 knots… what!!!

Seems like you hit a very strong “jetstream”!

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Yes, in a 737-700.

Well, it’s now 632kts and my plane are now violently shaking due to turbulence

Currently flying from KDAL-KLGA

To answer the question in the title, yes. Winds on the ground normally range between 0 to roughly 15 or 20 knots, while above 28,000 feet, wind can range from normally 30-40 knots all the way up to 200 knots in the jet stream.


Ok then. Thanks for all your help.

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