Are weather servers down?

I tried taking off TWICE as the guy in the expert server at sydney saw, and couldn’t because the winds kept making me crash.

LIveFlight isn’t working either

Now that you mention the wind has kinda been strange since 21.8 released. Honestly I have no idea it might be a bug though.

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Yes this comment here! hotfix is needed.

I’ve not had any issues throughout this release… Although I have noticed it is a little turbulent than normal, but that’s once I’m up and about. Maybe it’s a fix, or maybe it needs a fix?

I guess we’ll leave that up to the devs and support team.

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Yes it does nees a fix I couldn’t take off from SYD at all, a bit dissapointing too due to the fact this is my first time playing IF on my new ipad.

What is the problem?

I’ve spawned in at YSSY, and the winds are the same as they are in real life…
I managed to take off as well.


I took off in a 92% loaded 787-9 from runway 34L, first try was on 94% N1 and I was brushed off the runway by the turbulent wind, second try was the same load but this time 100% N1, even in both cases where I used the full 117% TOGA N1 the plane was brushed off the runway serverely and it was also struggling to get off the ground, despite being on full power, something was wrong there for sure. Could this be related to me having a new device? I was calibrated correctly, wasn’t stressed or rushing but was upset that my takeoff would have been highly unrealistic.

@TIF_Galaviz_MX Sir would you mind telling me how the winds are in sydney right now? I see you on liveflight, just wanna know if they are in a fly worthy condition.

94% load, 94% N1 and i managed to take off without any major issues. Sure, it’s no smooth ride with a super heavy aircraft and 18kts cross wind. But it was definitely doable. Flaps 15.

Slow climb though, but not that unexpected given the weight.

Did it get pushed serverely to the right? thats what I experienced. Also little to no climb, maybe this is something going wrong on my end, IF runs fine on the M1 iPad correct?

Yes, it did. But that’s what happens when you have a crosswind. You need to counter act that with the rudder.

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I did counter the wind with heavy rudder and aileron, still was pushed off the runway while barely climbing.

Winds at YSSY, accoring to the METAR on NAIPS (Airservices Australia’s weather app for pilots) is: 03015KT. Winds accoring to the Infinite Flight METAR in YSSY are: 03015KT.

I don’t see any discrepency.

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Same for me on final into KDFW this morning i had winds ranging from 21-36kts and changing rapidly for about 20secs then it stops, very weird…

So something is wrong with weather servers.

Seems like it or all of our devices are broken


  1. Your takeoff sounded completely normal. I experienced the same as you.
  2. What @Sueno43 described is also normal. Not perfect, but normal. It’s due to the transition between local METAR airspace & the “winds aloft” values.

I will try it again, but this time with TOGA and even more rudder + aileron.

Update, agressive steering inputs and throttle were needed, but never have I had 15-19kt winds affect a take off so serverely before, i’m flying to los angeles now! thanks.

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