Are we ever gonna have working cockpits in IF

I feel like the only thing that is still keeping IF from actually being the best mobile simulator is a fully active and functional cockpit(working buttons included ) Can we expect to see that someday in IF?


Speaking realistically sometime in the future this could be a feature.

Mostly due to the fact that the game runs mainly on a phone and phones have a limited like “freedom” of performance etc.
I remember seeing in a post somewhere that the more stronger the phones become the more features they could add for example this one.

So to summarise
Sometime in the future probably
Because of performance issues I think.

Hopefully this helped

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I get that, especially when u look at certain games which have included that in their concept and are therefore running behind on performance, except in the best of phones as of now. But having a working cockpit will just make me fall irretrievably in love with IF…:D

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It’s less about performance and more about usability. I’m not sure if you’ve tried mobile simulators with working buttons, but they are very finicky/fiddly to use and detract from the overall experience.

Yes, the buttons in Infinite Flight are unrealistic per se, but it’s really the best option for a mobile app.

I think we will see working cockpits if/when infinite flight becomes available on VR headsets


One possible fix is connecting a mouse to ur phone

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I would love working cockpits. I wouldn’t make it too complicated as it would effect infinite flights simplicity. This would be really cool though.

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