Are we allowed to make up random topics to get your trust level up?

Are we allowed to make up random topics to get your standing (membership) up?

I wouldn’t think so. Maybe @Carson could tell you

@Carson, can you tell me?!?!?

Depends on what random topics are… Please explain ;)

Like making topics about IF, that could be repeat, but by me!

Technically all topics are ‘made up,’ you are encouraged to create topics to spark conversation. That being said, do not post too many in a day. There is no limit, but use your judgement.


Ok, I just wanted to prove my standing, so I can become a member or regular. :D

Pm me and I can send you your stats.

Also try to avoid the use of unnecessary repeated ending punctuation.


I was trying to make the post long enough.

Still no need for it. You already had a long enough post. Only 10 characters are required. Just saying this for future reference :)

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No, in general, I was just worried. Sorry

It’s ok :) Always good to learn.

I’m no moderator so I can’t tell you what to do or not but as someone who has an active account here, I would find it extremely irritating if you create topics that are not productive to this forum; this is a place to discuss infinite flight (And planes), not talk about random things. Also, you would likely get flagged for spam if you create a ton of random topics, pushing the flag limit will go over the edge and you’d be prevented from moving up to TL3 anyway. You go a TL up in this forum if you deserve it, not because you want it so you will do whatever is possible to achieve that. If you create (Not at the level of spamming…) many productive topics that aren’t spam but start useful discussions, then that’s great and you deserve to move up a trust level.

And if you’re interested in seeing the lounge, nothing much actually happens except people talking about Carson, asking life questions, and some photographs. PM me if you want and I can send some sample topics.

Once again, I am not a moderator but someone representing my POV

Sorry if you find this insulting in any way, it is not meant to come across like that.


Agree with what @boeing707 said. If you naturally get involved with the conversations then you will find your self up the levels relatively quickly.

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