Are votes limited?

So I read somewhere on a post here which said “no need to vote here as it’s limited” or something similar to that…so I just wanna know is this true ? If so, how many votes are there per user ? I wanna know in detail !!

Yes you only have a certain amount of votes, but they increase when your trust level increases as well.

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To add on to what @Thomas_Cunningham has mentioned;

Since your a member (Trust Level 2) you get 10 votes. This is to make sure the voting feature has a purpose and isn’t a way to vote for an infinite amount of stuff.


Ohh okay…thanks for info

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Alright !! Is there any way to see how many votes do I have left ?

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Yes there is, go to your profile settings → Activity → Votes. You’ll see everything you’ve voted for and to know how many you have left just count them up and subtract from 10.

You have 7 votes remaining, Profile - AvioBird777350 - Infinite Flight Community

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That’s cool…thanks :)

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