Are violation counts live?

I made a huge mistake just now, I sped up to top speed while cruising on the expert server and left my tablet for a COUPLE of minutes and came back to a overspeed warning, I slowed down so fast I couldn’t see if the system had already given me 1 or more speed violations, could someone check my stats somehow? I checked them in-game and they still say I have the amount of L1 violations I should have in the last 24hrs. Which is 1 from last night.

You got back in time I believe, I am 90% sure they update straight away but I might be wrong

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Alright good. I figured, thanks!

Hey mate,

You’re all good. Violation counts will appear live once you’ve ended your flight and will include any violations you have received during that most recent flight.

When the warning appears, there is (I believe) around a 20 second window for you to slow down before the system begins issuing violations.

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Thanks, how can I mark this as a solution?

Unfortunately you can’t as it’s not a #support topic, but you can flag your post and ask for it to be closed by a member of the moderation team, if you believe your question has been answered.

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Alright thanks! it has been answered.

Thanks for the help all!

Let’s watch our speed Captain… ;)