Are very old airlines still flying?

Okay, okay… I get the point… KLM is the oldest

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You clearly don’t understand how companies trace back in time. It’s the same reason Thomas Cook was one of the world oldest travel companies from the 1800’s


Oh I completely understand it, the British Airways name traces to 1974 when BOAC and BEA merged together to create a brand new company/brand, British Airways making BA start in 1974 making it 45 years old.

KLM is the world’s oldest airline by foundation date, Avianca was founded less then two months later

Hello? Qantas is like 110 Years Old.

Errr no its not. :) It was founded in November 1920

You’re off by like 12 years @IF.Oz

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Qantas is celebrating their 100th birthday next year and are the third oldest continuous running airline behind KLM and a South American airline (that’s questionable).

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Since KLM has turned 100 years just about a month ago, Avianca will be the next airline to celebrate the 100th Anniversary, which will happen next month.
In addition, Qantas will be turning to 99 years old next week.

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