Are VAs allowed to make their own forum?

Are VAs allowed to make their own forum with Wix, Discourse, etc.?

Do you mean website?

Like how IF has a website then a forum…

All VA’s have the obligation to create a website with the information.

No, VA’s don’t have a forum like IFC.

I wouldn’t see why not.

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I mean. Can they create one of their own…

They can if they want to

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Yes, VAs are allowed to make their own forum. But, please keep this to the Feedback and Questions thread, as I saw you asked the question there as well.


@Turkish_Virtual used to use Discourse at communication. So yes, they are allowed. Although Discorse is VERY expensive when you have to use their server. Look at these prices:


What would you be using the forum for?

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They usually have a website and then a communication method- for example Discord or Slack. Mostly slack🙃😉

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It’s funny that everyone thinks Discourse is expensive.

In general, it’s not. If you want it Professionally installed with everything included, then yes, it is expensive.

I run my own VA, and do have my own discourse, but I had to get a Server, Mail Server, and website domain all set up.

It’s actually not very expensive to run if you install everything yourself.

Here is my Virtual Airline Discourse community

It took four days to set up everything.


The discourse forum software costs about $100 per month for the standard plan.

I know that VAs often use Slack or apps like that to communicate instead of forums

There’s no reason they wouldn’t be allowed to…

It’s just not a common choice

This is like asking if you could run commercials for your VA on TV. Sure, you can, but it’s not a common thing for VAs to do.

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I was going to make a Discourse Server for Gaming but to run it on their server it was 100/m and to install it on a NAS it would cost about 350 US Dollars.

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