Are VA companies still active?

Ok so I’ve been applying to many virtual airlines and so far none of them gave me feedback on my application.Does anybody know any active VA companies or is there any VA company active nd willing to review my application?

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You can see active va’s on the IFVARB post. Please give the va that you applied some more time and be patient. It could be up to days until you get a reply.

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Hi Dishaan,

Below is the VA Database that the IFVARB has record of. The database includes VA’s that have been approved and gone through the certification process.

With that, I would wait a few days before attempting to reach out to the CEO of the VA as listed on the database. Hope this is of some help!



VAs are still very much active! I check my VAs every day and reply within 48 hours

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Yes, most are active. Some take longer to respond. Give it a few days and you should hear a reply

Thanks I’ll have a look and hopefully I don’t have to wait weeks

Ok thanks but I applied to 3 VA some weeks ago nd still nothing

What 3 VAs did you apply to?

You should directly message the ceo of the va. If that person DOSENT reply it’s a sign that the va is no longer active

It really shouldn’t be necessary to PM the CEO if they are one of the active VAs listed in the database. I reccomend going through the normal application processes that they have established and being patient while awaiting a response.

I know what you mean, I’ve been applying for over 14 only two replied… Three weeks and counting too

Over 14?! You can’t realistically be in 14 different VAs, it’s a bad scenario for everyone. Staff members get inactive pilots, and you are overloaded. Even considering the fact that you will probably not get accepted into every single one, even 3 or 4+ is a lot.

I know I was just applying

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