Are Trolls worth reporting?

Trolling these days has gotten a tad bit out of hand. For instance, an F-16 was flying into my cabin from all the way to Los Angelos to Sam Clemente. It really takes away from the whole realism expirience I paid for. They are really annoying, but are they really worth reporting/ghosting?


It’s training server what do you expect


That’s what I was just about to say! it’s TS1, what do you expect… I recommend flying expert. Much higher professionalism there! :) @CaptainAbdus

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It’s really not. It’s like finding a cure for the common cold. You get rid of some of it, but the majority comes back.


That’s not his point. He is asking if it is worth reporting them and thecanswer is yes. If two other good pilots on TS1 see what he is doing they will report him and if you do so as well he’s gone.

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I feel better about my self when I see trollers reported.

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I think he’d be in expert if he could…not many who make topics like such are able to enter expert.


The report button has been disabled, so either way it makes no difference.

New people can expect people train there.

How do you know that? You Need 3 different people that report someone, then he will be ghosted.

So, Yes it is definetly worth to report trolls.

Just gonna drop these here…

That was the issue, this feature was abused. For example, a group of people teamed up and tried to ghost everyone on the map. I know for a fact that it is disabled on the expert server and I’m assuming the same is true on the training server.

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Here we go again.

There are countless topics about this. And the conclusion is always the same.

Training server is what it is, and it won’t change. There will always be trolls. And once you get rid of a few new ones appear. Welcome to Internet kids.


I personally have no problem with trolls. It’s good to fool around sometimes.

So if you’re trying to do a nice, sensible flight by yourself and some jerk in a fighter jet flies at 1200kts about 10cm away from you and keeps harassing you that’s acceptable is it? If you want to do that kind of stuff - head to the Casual server. It’s not worth ruining other people’s experiences just for one guy/girl who wants to act like a prat.