Are they allowed to do this?

Hello. I was previously flying my overnight from MMMX to LIRF. As you know, today ATC schedule heads to Rome. As it was an overnight flight, of course I was sleeping, so when I woke up about 10 minutes before descending, I saw that I had gotten disconnected by the Centre ATC. The reason I saw he had disconnected me was “Unable to communicate”. To clarify things, I didn’t connect to it’s frequency because I was sleeping, not because I couldn’t

I don’t know if that’s allowed. I thought that if someone didn’t connect to a centre frequency, the ATC could just ignore it, but now I am confused. Please tell me if this is right or wrong. I had previously done lots of overnight flights and this had never happened to me, so I assume this is wrong.


Your best bet is to contact @moderators and the controller @Davide_DC

@Davide_DC is your controller, definitely send him a PM regarding this since you are allowed to be away while in center’s airspace. I don’t know what happened, but I’m sure he’d be happy to clarify. :)

Also, to be clear, an “unable to communicate” report in 20.2 means nothing is on your account, and you were basically just disconnected from the server by your controller. No need to worry about the violation itself or contact appeals since there is nothing on your account.


Actually I could just ignore this and not contacting appeals, because I didn’t get any violation, but I made this topic to learn if an ATC is allowed to disconnect my flight just because I didn’t connect to it’s frequency because I was sleeping.

If you read the violation message, it says NOT to contact @appeals.

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@InfiniteFlight_Shots I was disconnected myself like 5 weeks ago so I know how it

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Oh ok, I don’t exactly know how was my flight going cause I was sleeping so yeah, thanks

He can still message him with any questions he may have, not neccesarily as an appeal.

Is says it’s not necessary. But it’s still allowed. Don’t exaggerate.

I would on personal note do it, since it’s no fun getting disconnected when you shouldn’t be.


Yeah I messaged him just to get things clarified

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You are absolutely right. The controller should not have disconnected you if you were inactive in their airspace. According to the manual and tutorials, conflicts that happen while an aircraft is away should be deemed accidental.

The only reason why I would see a need for disconnecting is if you were climbing or descending, which from the sound of it, doesn’t look like you were doing


From what I understand, it isn’t saying don’t do it, it is saying that it is not necessary

Yeah, I was not climbing neither descending, just a normal cruise

Yeah that’s perfectly fine

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