are these players or in game admins?

Mmm… (Copa 646 and N84JF) are these admin or player?

What do you mean pleas alaborate more…

EDIT: if it is because they are in jets, then no, they are just having a good time in some fun planes…

That’s just a grade 4 player (green name tag). Gold name tags are grade 5, purple tags are mods, and blue tags are staff/devs.

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They are not admins.

IFC Mods: Purple Tag
Infinite Flight Developer: Blue Tag
Me on a good day: In a Hot Air Balloon

Everyone Else: White, Green, Yellowish [Gold]


I am grade 4 too, do I get a green tag?

you have a green tag then. you yourself just can’t see it others can :)

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only to people below a grade 4. To a grade 4 or above, it’s just plain white

Green tag is grade 4 yellowish gold is for grade 5


Nope! Just a Grade 4! The mods have purple tags. No worries, I believe you can actually look up who the current mods are now

These are just about all of the ones that you would see.

  • White= Grades 1-3

  • Green= Grade 4

  • Nude/Creme= Grade 5

  • Purple= Mods

  • Blue= FDS Staff

  • Pink= FDS Developers


  • Flashing Orange= The pilot who is being heard on the radios.

If new colors are ever updated, its likely it’ll be a hot topic and talked about rather quickly knowing the history of the folks here. 🙂 Thanks for the help folks.