Are these indicative of jetstreams?

Does the yellow region depict jetstream regions? This is at FL 340.

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I believe so. I haven’t seen this in a while.

well it depends what the differnt colours mean! Are you using (which is what the App uses) or a differnt one.

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Yes it’s . The yellow regions mean a wind speed of around 100kts+

Jetstreams are fast flowing high-altitude winds? That’s why I think the yellow regions are jetstreams.

ok, will also depend on what Height you have in the settings. I personal use (use if for work as well), and the darker the colour, the faster the winds. This shows the Atlantic, Africa and Europe currently for 9000m / 30000 ft

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Yeah those are some high winds at 30K over China

highest showing off Newfondland at the present, 130+ Kts. good for your East Bound crossings today!

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Must be, you would be going 600+ GS while that happened, but It would slow you down quite a bit if you were flying WB…

Are the maroon regions considered jetstreams?

I don’t know, but most likely, yes.

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It is jet stream, jet stream is high wind going in curve like current.

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Yes the marrron areas show high speed winds going in the same direction which is considered a jet stream.

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