Are these fog?

Whilst descending at KSFO, I noticed some white foggy stuff, are these meant to be there or is this a glitch?
Thank you


Yeah I think it is fog


But I thought that they weren’t added?

Fog was added with Global, clouds are yet to be implemented.

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Oh, Ok, thank you ver much

Looks amazing!

Yep that’s fog. Low altitude fog, makes mountains stand out. Your pic looks like a break in the clouds :o


@Han196 You can adjust fog or visibility in the game.

Only when in solo. In Multiplayer, its real weather info.

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This reminds me of those low visibility FNFs, aircraft crashing left and right because they couldn’t see each other

Oh, yeah. I forgot. But you can adjust the time in multiplayer.

Ofcourse you can, only wind, visibility, turbulence, etc… are automatically adjusted in Live

That is fog. I have been to San Francisco. That is perfectly normal.

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