Are these airport not in Infinite flight

Since today’s China flights I’ve seen some airports that are part of the scenery but aren’t actual airports in infinite flight (correct me if I’m wrong) also there near Shanghai and Beijing


Some airports have not been added yet, however, the IFAET continues to work on them!

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That could also be a glitch that would be fixed if you Cleared your scenery cash, but they’re most likely not in game like Vinne said

Might be indeed.

@GameBoy_KIRB, what did it say in the map? Was there an ICAO code label for those airports?

well there is a VOR waypoint of it

But how about the actual airport? Can you set your FPL to it?

Yea but I cant seem to find the ICAO of it (since i researched the name of it)

Might just be not gotten to by IFAET. I believe it is just because of the secrecy of China, or may be permanently closed (most airports get removed when that is the case).


That’s fine then. It’s probably just a scenery issue.

Might be that too 👀

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I believe it has not been worked on yet - for example, in Singapore, Changi Airbase East (which is beside Changi Airport) has something like what was in the OP.

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Changi Airbase East used to exist before Global (As part of Singapore-Kuala Lumpur region). I think it was deleted because IRL the base is temporarily closed for works on Terminal 5

Changi has 2 runways. The second one (02C/20C) is going to be closed in October and the Changi Air Base East runway is going to be used, both for commercial and military.

So basically Runway 1 and Changi Air Base East’s Runway (Runway 3) is going to be used from that period, with 2 closed.

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Hopefully it can be readded then. I believe the 20L/02R hasn’t been used since 2017 (When the govt started works on Terminal 5)

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Being used for military now. They used it during the Singapore Airshow 2020 too.
Continue in PM if you’d like to know more though, kinda off topic now :)

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I believe these airports might be military ones, and are not in game yet. A reason why they are not in and might never be is due to the lack of information available about Chinese military bases, if these are military bases if course!

i would be fine if its readded but im not sure its truly necessary (correct me if im wrong)

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