Are there people who would like to become an airline pilot among us?

How many flight hours do you have rn?

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probably around 20 ish hours

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I’d like to become a pilot for Delta one day. If possible I would like to fly the 757-200. I’ve gotten my private pilot license and am currently working on instrument. I am also considering Navy for a couple years before.

When are you able to put hours towards your license in America? Here it’s 14 y/o with the CAA?

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FAA has no minimum age to start pre-solo flight training, but for solo you must be 16 years and hold a student pilot license


Ah nice, so yeah once you solo you’ll probably fly another 20+. Starting nice and early!

IDK seems like a waste to start flight training if you can’t fly solo. That’s just passenger with perks

Pwrsonally, I’m aiming for airlines but also open to corporate or charter. I would probably be cool with cargo as well.

Right now I’m in an university pilot program and will get all my ratings as part of my degree. Once i get my 1000hr, I’m off to the airlines hopefully!

As far as aircraft and airlines, no particular preference. Would prefer to eventually go to a mainline like Delta or United eventually though.

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Well, you still get to fly the plane and do all the maneuvers for flight training, you just have to wait to solo. 🤷‍♂️

I am hoping to become a CRJ pilot for Air Canada, they are easy to learn, its a good airline, and I like flying pencils.

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I’d go with Alaska, their routes are good but their fleet is pretty limited.

I’ll never join the dark side!

yea, I really love landing and taking off and when we are not in the Cessna then we are in a bonanza F44-A and I can’t fly the left seat on the 44 so I’m usually doing coms and doing checklists

i am wanting to join the US airforce and then leave and join american

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I wanna fly the A350-1000 for british airways. I choose the A350-1000 as it’s my favourite plane because of it’s high tech and it’s beauty. Im choosing British Airways because I always really liked the airline as it’s hub is at London Heathrow and Heathrow is my local airport and also because it has an outstanding and OG livery.

Knowing my piloting skills, I’d say I’m more suited for Ryanair :S

This one is hard but I would do delta 737-800 it was my very first flight and it is one of my best memories.

i’m not old enough to have pilot training yet, but i am planning to become an pilot for qantas. i’ll most likely follow my cousin once removed, since he is interested in becoming an airline pilot as well.

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Currently am in training for my PPL. Would like to fly for SWA or UN.