Are there people who would like to become an airline pilot among us?

I have my privates lisence and im 13 and I’m going to join American after I come out of the airforce, I’m in CAP and I love flying


An actually good #general topic for once? 😳 Love it

I’m going to fly for Southwest or Delta. My dream aircraft is the 737 of any kind.

Southwest because they’re a great company and they’re based in Dallas.
Delta because they’re a great company, they’re based in Georgia which I wouldn’t mind living in, and they’re a partner with ATP Flight School.

Right now I’m doing Sporty’s ground school. I’m also working at Chick Fil A to save every dollar for my PPL (I’m at 1,200 right now). I’m also a member of Civil Air Patrol which has programs that can help a ton financially (ask me about CAP!).

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Yeah. That’s not possible. Next time read the FAA requirements a little better before telling a fib. I like to make sure my lies are full-proof. 😉


I’d personally like to try and fly for Alaska or maybe Skywest

RCAF CF-18 Demo team

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Literally the first requirement according to the Federal Air Regulations, per 61.103:

  1. Any major US airline.

  2. 757 but that’s becoming unlikely lol.

  3. Who ever has base in Boston I’ll work for tbh.

  1. Southwest
  2. 737-700
  3. My favorite airline and aircraft :D

I was gonna say

Good luck mate!

Good Airlines ! Good luck in your life!

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Oh! Continue study hard! Good luck!

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Hope the B757;is going to ne an infinite aircraft! Study hard and make your dream!

You choose Incredibles airlines! Good luck mate!

Oh! 😂😅😅😅 Ok so , good luck, enjoy your life mate!

with CAP you can fly planes but you do not get your license. So he doesn’t have his license but you do get to fly c172s and stuff with another pilot

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Good luck!

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well its more like i have my student licence and I have finished all the stuff all that’s left is the solo and that at 16 and so its just 3 more years

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I have yet to make any strides towards doing so, but I definitely would like to. Even if I can’t become a pilot for whatever reason, I’m definitely going to do my best to at least work around aircraft

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join the dark side and become ATC

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