Are there people who would like to become an airline pilot among us?

Hello Everyone! I was wondering if they are future Pilots among us!
If yes, just put your answer by reply this topic!

If possible please write:

  • The aircraft you want to fly ( ex A320Neo for me)

  • The Airlines you want to fly (ex Lufthansa for me)

  • Why this company or aircraft

Thx for reading me!

I encourage and respect all future Pilots among us ! Continue to study and follow your Dream Ladies and Gentlemen’s!


Credit: JetPhotos
Text in photo made by me

Have an amazing future for everyone, who want to become pilot or not !!


All ready working on it


Oh! Good Luck Mate! Hope your dream will become true!


@Captain_Lufty the #real-world-aviation:spotting category is for pictures of planespotting only. do you mind putting this topic in #general?

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OH my bad, i make another fault, ok mate i will!

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Sorry i never mad topic like that, so that’s why I’m making faults! 😅

So now i put it in General category!


To Everyone → Have a good night! I will respond to you tomorrow for me , in GERMANY ! Bye!


haha u did the funny thing

jokes aside tho… nah not really. i think it would be too stressful for me.

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Yeah, i did it 😅!

No problem, i don’t give a order to you to become a pilot! I encourage for studying for what you want to be!

Have a great day or night!

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well i’m in the same country as you so it would be good night!

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Good night mate!

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i would like to fly fighters for the USN then go on to fly for netjets like my dad


I always wanted to become a pilot but I ended up choosing to become ATC instead. Starting my ATC training for the DFS (Deutsche Flugsicherung) in a month. I am still hoping to become a private pilot as well though.


Hi there, I’m an aspiring pilot so here are my answers!:

  1. I would love to fly the A320 family, by the time I’m flying, it will most likely be a majority of NEOs in the air. Eventually I’d like to fly the A350 (any variant) and even the 777X if it ever comes into service 😅

  2. Living in the UK the main airlines are easyJet and British Airways and it has always been my dream of mine to fly for the flag carrier of my country! However I also really like easyJet so I may end up flying for both at different points in time, we’ll see!

  3. As for why, British Airways has a really nice fleet, and a very extensive route network out of Heathrow and Gatwick, seeing the BA livery always puts a smile on my face and it reminds me of my ultimate dream to fly with them!
    With easyJet, they are the airline which I have flown with the most undoubtedly and I enjoy flying the livery here in IF (hence I’m a proud member of EZYVA) the network of short and long hops across Europe leaves you never short of flight ideas which I really like.

I’m very lucky to have family members that support and aid me towards my dream job, which, I unfortunately know, isn’t the same for everyone.
However I’m going to keep working on becoming a pilot, but for now, see you in the IF skies!
Jordan - GolfZuluZulu


YES! I am going to fly for American!

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You and me both brother

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Who me? I notice you love American as well!


I am in a big debate if I should go for becoming a pilot or work as an ATC, both are really fun to me! Actually, I know what’s easier: work both jobs!

Just joking…


I currently hold my private and instrument almost finished with my commercial. I am an aspiring airline pilot, looking for the best opportunity. I dont really care who I fly for, as long as its an airplane and im flying from point A to point B, im good!!