are there open VA's

Hello is there any open VA of an Asian or European airline? like cathay pacific or lufthansa

Have a look here for all Virtual Airlines:


Lufthansa is only the VA list that are not allowed to be created, due to copyright stuff

There are actually others. Hawaiian is one too.

If you want any information on how the IFVARB operates, do so here!


We are based off Lufthansa it can be created but you can’t use the name or logos etc in the va design as such

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oh thank you but how do you create a va?

Check out this thread here;

It lists all the requirements and the process on creating a VA :)

ok thank you :)

We actually have both of these!

Cathy Pacific: Cathy Pacific Thread
Lufthansa: Nonstop Virtual Thread

Both of them are also accepting applications as well! You can head over to there threads and find out all about these two fantastic Virtual Airlines. If you are interested in joining any or both of them, read there requirements. If you meet all there mandatory requirements, feel free to follow their supplied link to their join page. Good luck!

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