Are there ghosts in IF?

I was just out on the playground flying an F-16 in SoCal, and I was looking for someone to practice flying formation with. Most of the fighters appeared to be flying full throttle like normal, but one of them was vectored toward me and flying relatively slow. As I setup my intercept, I checked his stats on the map and there was nothing. His name unknown, aircraft type unknown, and no stats. I joined up cautiously, but when I got within visual range there was only a marker. No plane! I took a screenshot for proof. I am right there with him in the shot. Does anyone know what is going on here? Thanks.


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It might ove been messed up connection but if not that is scary

I stayed with him for a while. The whole encounter lasted about ten minutes. If it was a bad connection that is a new one for me. Thank you

It was a ufo


Hahaha, I should have posted this in “features” and asked for a ufo reporting button


just happened to me too

Did you look at the full map? Sometimes I do that and there far away from me.

this is the airplanes dots, displayed if youre internet connection are too bad for display all planes, just for inform you a plane was nearby you