Are There ATC Centres in IF?

I didn’t really know how to word the title but my question is are there any ATC services such as London centre/control or New York centre/control. ATC services that control airspace for aircraft passing get through the airspace. For example a flight going from Paris to Edinburgh which passes over London is there any ATC service in IF the would make sure that flight and another passing over London don’t interfere with each other? Because I remember watching an IFATC tutorial on the IF YouTube channel and they passed an aircraft over to centre from SAN Francisco.

There used to be a centre frequency on IF, but I believe it was removed after global.

Alright good to know thanks mate 😁

Adding on to Jet, I believe it has been said that center may be re-added in the future once all the kinks have been worked out.

I’d love to see it it would be right up my alley!

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