Are there any Wallpapers lovers?

Hi, my name is MR CRAYMELs, and I have wallpapers from Infinite Flight Simulator for you

I hope that you really enjoy

More information in my Instagram - MR CRAYMELs (КАРАМЕЛЬНый)


Very nice! I love it :з


Thank u very much)

Nice , I’ll come back once you’ll do jetBlue (and more) A220 wallpapers✨

Ok, I will do it but later, wait the A223 :)

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@IF_WALLPAPERS has entered chat.

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My dude these are awesome! 🔥

I’ll definitely use some of these 👌

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So how do I apply these? My walls are over 6ft tall, and I only have an A4 printer… 😟


I think he’s referring to a phone wallpaper but if you want to make it into a poster, you can go to Walmart and they have instant photo printers (follow the instructions there). You can choose your size. For a poster size, it should be around $20 (not sure what that translates to in pounds or whatever England’s currency is)


But thanks for the advice. So I need to go walmart. Gonna need to catch a plane first…


I knew it was a joke, but I thought I would be helpful anyway 🙃

wait, they don’t have Walmarts in England?

Asda is close enough

Gonna need to see if you guys actually offer car wraps with these, I think @Kamryn might want a shot too 🙂

Very nice job, but i think you need to work a litlle bit with angles, they kinda very well, but you can do better!

See you in the skies!


well, thanks, I will definitely take a note, but if that I’m from Russia too

Very nice job! 👍

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Love the last one! Great collection!

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Damn🤩🤩🤩🤩! Them wallpapers be looking amazing! Amazing work and keep giving us amazing wallpapers!

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Sorry to be very late to this topic but these are looking fly! I already downloaded them!

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hahahaha, you remembered… I’m glad you liked it!)

Casually saves all photos.