Are there any violations on Expert Server?

Don’t wanna risk trying, are there violations on expert servers or only ghosts by atc? thanks


Of course there are violations on the Expert Server :)


There are violations and ghosts on the expert server :)

Great guide for IF Pilots.




Couldn’t find a larger GIF, huh?


idk because i tried going just over 250 under fl100 and didn’t show warning (like 252)

There’s a grace limit. The actual warning doesn’t popup until you go a bit faster and the violation a little bit more speed is needed. Same as on TS.


You receive violations when going above 260kts, this is due to in case your plane would reach 250 upon takeoff or landing and a gust of wind or other factors would lead the plane to go above 250. So therefore as a safety prevention, you receive violations above 260 and not 250 but that does not mean you should max your speed to be 255 as that could easily turn very bad…

thank you!

and not to create another topic, do you know what is the difference between emergency fuel and minimun fuel?

They symbolize the same thing that you are low on fuel but you give ATC different kind of info depending which one you choose, although very similar and gives ATC a good understanding of your situation.

I quite frankly don’t nnow if there even is any significant difference that will make any impact on choosing one over the other.

Which ever you choose to send to ATC will tell them how much time you have left to fly with the amount of fuel you currently have.

ok thank you, beacause i’m doing rn a emergency landing

Whichever you pick will work out fine. Try both, I don’t think it does much difference but I could be wrong, although you basically state how long you have till you’ll run out of fuel no matter what option you pick.

nope, crashed in final in Cincinnati, ended fuel like 1nm out

Yeah sure i see shortly a guy with over 3.000 vios 😕✌