Are there any VA/VO's that don't require an active subscription?

Thanks! Been searching for one but haven’t found one yet.


This is actually a good question. As the next activity check-in is upon us, I might include this question to all VAs and VOs so we can have this information in our database. Cheers!


Alright! Thanks for the feedback.

By the way, asked this question on the IFVARB Discord server and shared your post. Might get a response from VA/VO staff.


Alrighty, looking forward to it.

I know that El Al has a few non sub routes.


Hey, @AviationChampion!

I saw @Jon_H’s message in the VARB Discord Server, so I thought I’d give you an answer.

I’m the CEO of El Al Virtual, and this is something that crossed my mind when creating LYVA. Being secluded to routes to/from Israel, which is not an available region without an active subscription, would make it impossible for a user to fly. Fortunately, with one of our codeshare partners, @alaskavirtualairline, I selected routes that are within the available regions, such as LAX-SFO/SFO-LAX, SFO-SNA/SNA-SFO, SFO-SAN/SAN-SFO, etc. I made sure to allow for alternate equipment types since aircraft like the E175 and A320 aren’t accessible to non-pro users.

If you are curious what other routes LYVA has to work with those devoid of a subscription, feel free to shoot me a PM.

Have a good day/night!


Alright! Mind if I apply?

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Sure thing! I have linked our thread below. All necessary information can be found there.

See you soon!


Nice - love it!


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