Are there any threads already for starting ATT tea are there any threads already for starting ATc teams

If not I really like to start one sometimes on the training server another controller Nina exactly know their role in regards to the aircraft or the other controllers on the training server I think it would be really cool if a mixture of experience and inexperienced controllers could work together at the same airport and could be in communication with each other through infinite flight community that way people can communicate

Let me give you an example let’s say the ground controller keeps sending on guard messages to aircraft that have just touched down on the runway somebody would be able to tell them Power has the aircraft until exit onto a taxiway and somebody could help by sending a YouTube link to the appropriate tutorial

Plus let’s be honest it be really cool to kind of be in the same tower together with people that we can actually talk to and work together communicate what runways do we want to use it if you have an aircraft landing to two right now or will stay in control for the cross of U2 left before ground or if you want ground to take care of it etc. :)

Again please forgive me if this is already been posted 100 times I couldn’t find it I’m not too good at navigating the thread yet here I’m still know let me know what you guys think

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If you are taking about an experienced controller training an inexperienced controller while controlling then no. We have ATC tracking threads for that reason. ATC announced where they are practicing and pilots give feedback on their performance.

I’m not 100% sure if I understand what you’re trying to say, but if you mean ATC working together to control an airport, IFATC do this all the time. When an airport is busy and there is approach, approach and tower will work together to make sure planes get on the ground in an orderly manner. If you want to work with other ATC controllers, look into joining IFATC.

I think he means that if the controller is making a mistake, someone else (I.e. a pilot) could send him a message letting him know what he’s doing wrong.

In the scenario above, though, I would just ignore the on guard. That should help the controller learn that he’s making a mistake.

What I’m trying to say is if I am working power at JFK on the training server I have no way to communicate with the departure controller or the ground controller and there is no middle ground it’s either become an expert server controller or I have yet to experience on the training server I’m just saying it would be kind of nice if I could communicate With the ground controller or departure/approach controllers

If there’s already a thread where people can go yeah I’ll meet you at this time at JFK or something like that to set up a session that would be cool because if one person is more experience in the other person is making mistakes we can communicate through the thread

again I do apologize if this is already a thing

Ideally I’d like to become friends with some people on here that I can work the same airport with

I don’t control on training so I don’t really know if there’s a thread but there’s probably a VO discord for communication between TS controllers. If someone knows any VO like this please let him know.

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Thanks :) i’m in the process of becoming an expert controller with Adam Williams hopefully I’ll be down there soon I still do enjoy the training server

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