Are there any thread to request for group flight?

Hey, i searched but dint find any…so before i create one i just wanted to confirm if there are any thread for requesting a group flight…


No there isn’t a topic in which you can request flights, but you can make one. Just make sure to check out the topic below


oh ok…thank you :)

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Yes! There is a whole sub board in the #live section which deals with group flights!

Good luck.

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alright thank you…

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It might be a good idea to make one though

yea…but there are some restrictions i guess…have a look on the link above…i dint understand what the restrictions are properly…

There aren’t restrictions, there are templates which you’ll need to follow :)

If you follow the rules, you’ll have a great Group Flight!

i guess i’ll create a thread for group flight then…

Thanks for helping out everyone!

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