Are there any there Joystick programs that actually work?

LiveFlight Connect has been my only way of using my AMAZING Pro Saitek Yoke. But now LiveFlight has been disconnecting every minute I’ve been getting thoughts of quitting IF and moving to MSFS or X-Plane. But I probably won’t. Besides MapConnect because it’s so damn buggy and can’t do anything on it.
I can’t fly anymore and I’m starting to lose my grade and loosing patience. Are there any other programs for IF that lets me use a Yoke?

-F/O Lee

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Other than LiveFlight Connect & Map Connect, I don’t think there are any other joystick programs.

Map Connect was recently released so it tends to be buggy. However, unlike LiveFlight Connect (which isn’t supported anymore), you can get support from the developer @AirChina196 :)

However, you could consider getting an Android as you don’t need LiveFlight Connect / Map Connect to fly with a joystick:

I can agree with you on this… LiveFlight Connect is getting on my nerves because it always ruining my flights and stops responding on final… Unfortunately there’s currently no support for Map Connect as developers @AirChina196 or @CrisYe don’t respond or support the users… I couldn’t fly anymore with my joystick due to the lack of a reliable program…

agreed if you have an android you can directly route your joystick to the app IDK if it works very good because I have an iPad so give it a try if you have an android.

I believe this is why MapConnect’s developers are unable to keep up to their fullest extent. Patience is a virtue and those problems will get fixed all in good time ;)

On another note, this program doesn’t connect your joystick to Infinite Flight, it is the joystick. On the App Store it’s “Fly-By-Wire”, it works pretty well.

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Direct connections aren’t supported by Apple

We are asking for a program that enables you to use your joystick in IF specially for IOS devices

And there is a program, that being MapConnect. It’s still in development so you’ll have to wait.

Thanks for the advice but i have already been waiting for a long time and haven’t flown yet because i’m waiting… I appreciate all what developers do and i wasn’t complaining I just wanted to get a benefit from my subscription before it finishes

I stated that in my message…

the bottom line is that there is not a easy operating system so you will have to use the systems aready in affect. They will get better and better as the software improves. This is hard for them because IF updates so often.

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Ok but i bought my joystick after getting sure that it would certainly work perfectly but unfortunately LiveFlight Connect is catastrophic and keeps ruining my flights abd made me nervous… Map Connect is a great, stable and fairly responsive app and I’m happy with it. However; it has started lately to suffer from connection issues… Sometimes it connects to IF, sometimes doesn’t… I cannot fly without my joystick because it helped me to improve my skills and controllability…

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