Are there any Passenger VAs that are actually responding

Just out of curiosity. I’ve applied to a bunch of them in the past week and none of the Pax VAs are even responding. Wondering are they active or is it an overflow of applications?

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This is a very busy time of year for lots of people, and as such, it may take a bit longer than normal for VAs to respond.

Sometimes, applications can also get lost. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to leave a message on a VA’s thread if it’s been a bit of time since you’ve applied.


In my memory, there are lot of passenger VA that respond very quickly, would you mind tell us the VAs that you applied in?

I waited a literal year before I was accepted into breeze almost thought they forgot but now I’m a captain for them it does see that cargo va are faster at responding

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All of them. Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta, Southwest, Spirit. American got back to me just a bit ago. I just sent them my discord name. Waiting for the response. Thank goodness!

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I’ve heard that WestJet responds within the hour 👀

We have received your application but the username given on the exam was @Maverick_Henderson1. If that’s the wrong account, please send us a PM to our VA Account and we can forward the information to the correct one. Thanks!


Wow you guys even come to here to give him the application
I would say that is very warmhearted :)

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WestJet is actually responding very fast right now🤭


Some VA’s do have varying wait times. I’ve had some get back to me within 30 minutes and some that take 6-7 days. I do tend to find more of the European VA’s do tend to respond quicker than other regions but that’s just what I’ve noticed 🤷‍♂️.

If it’s feeling like a long wait, it doesn’t hurt to send a quick message via their IFC DM’s. Worst they’re going to say is it might take a bit longer.

Good luck!

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We at VistaJet Virtual are also responding, so please apply for us if you want a quick response!

@TheBest | CEO VistaJet Virtual