Are there any General Aviation VA's?

Hello guys! I have been searching for a general aviation virtual airline. I have not been super luck with finding one that is still up and running or finding one at all.

Is there something specific I’m not searching for?

Many Thanks!

You can look through, the IFVARB VA/VO database, which contains all active VAs/VOs.

Hope this helps you find what you’re looking for!

(on a side note, trying not to get flagged for advertisement, but I’d suggest checking out IFGAC [Infinite Flight General Aviation Club])


The best way to check is to check out

However, you can join IFAE which has VA elements, among other groups. You can also check out #live:va for said VAs.

Here is a small list I compiled of VAs that have Gen Av elements:


Thanks for the help!

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Thank you tons!

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Dude said he/she was looking for a GA place 🤷

I know, I’m messing with you.

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😐 Poor execution.

@Liam_McAtee glad I could help! PM me if you need more help!

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Since when has my execution ever been good?


@AirChinaVirtual allows its highest rank pilots to fly the C172, C208, SR22, TBM, and citation. Not sure if thats what you’re looking for.


@HarryH1 - There are numerous VAs and VOs out there flying aircrafts like the TBM. Instead of everyone here listing a VA of their choice, there is 1) a database containing all the VAs and VOs 2) a separate category with name #live:va where airlines promote themselves by creating beautiful threads.

@Liam_McAtee - I think your question got answered, right? Let me know in a PM if you would like me to provide guidance when it comes to filtering the IFVARB database.


No, I think it did. Thank you anyways!

Not to be biased, but @Saharsh and I run Surf Air Virtual, a GA VA based in Souther California. You can find our thread in the VA category if you wanted to join.