Are there any free flight radar trackers for RL flights?

I would like to fly a route tonight following a real-life route is there any way for me to get the full fight plan in real life and insert it into Infinite Flight free.

You could try searching your route in FlightAware, which comes up with the airlines and flights on that route. Choose one. It sometimes has a FPL you can copy and paste into IF.

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The best ones are FlightAware, which gives you Gates and routes, FlightRadar24, where you can track a plane in real time.

On FR24, you can see an airplane taxiing at an airport. You can also see the tail number.


All of them are free. They just have premium features that you have to pay for if you want to use them.


Do you have to wait for the flight to begin before finding the flight plan?

No. Flight aware has data from previous flights.

You can also take the link from flight aware, put it in and get an IF flight plan based on that.

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oh I wanted to track a flight in life time it takes off around 8 p.m. tonight I wanted to fly the same route as it is in real time

On some flights it has the planned waypoints. Let me find an example…

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the flight I’m trying to find goes from Sky Harbor to Denver International Airport at leaves at 7:56 p.m. tonight and my sister is on the plane so I wanted to fly the exact route

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Which airline?

Frontier Airlines :)

ET viola

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@DiamondGaming4 typed the Link wrong. It is 😉
Oh and the flight aware converter is Infinite Flight FPL Converter


you guys rock thank you so much!

And here’s the flight plan based off of the real one

And the link to the fpl converted to IF.

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