Are there any flight sim conventions in England Sooner or later?

Will there be any flight sim conventions with full motion simulators for all levels of expertise?

I’m not real sure on that… If I knew I’d let you know but I live the US

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There’s Cosford

Does it have a full motion flight sim?

Not totally sure. Infinite Flight will be there, if you’re interested.

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The answer is no. As far as I’m aware

I don’t really want to play IF without pro and pay money just for that

A 2 hour flight on a full-motion sim will set you back £200+ pounds. If my maths is correct, that’s more expensive than a £80 years subscription…

Not sure that’s the most economical option ;)


You won’t get to go in a Full Motion Sim at a Flight Sim Show, unless you are very lucky. It’s gonna cost quite a bit, if you are looking at going in a Sim, here is two recommendations (all Sims 737):

  1. 737 Pro (Blackpool)

  2. Flight Deck Experience (Near Manchester)

  3. Sim Air 737 (Gloucester)

On the Topic of Flight Simulation Shows, the annual Flight Sim Show at Cosford takes place, with Infinite Flight Attending.

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