Are there any expert controllers that are willing to review my ATC skills?


I was wondering if any advanced ATC members would be kind enough to give me some feedback on my controlling on the training server.


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ATC Training Team look at dis thread…it’ll help u get up with ur skills


Thank you!!

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I would be ready to help you, but I would recommend you to check out the official scout team first.

//IFATC Adrien (ATC Specialist)


Simply tag us next time your controlling.

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I’m almost IFATC :)

I will do! I’ll probably be controlling at some point today.

//IFATC Lewis (IFATC specialist)

I’m also recruiting good ATC controllers for a new VA if your interested

I will do!

@Skylines @Lars_Thorein I will be controlling at some point today. So keep an eye out on your inboxes :)


@joewardofficial I would suggest you PM me or any of the other scouts listed in the link above, as we are amongst the only once allowed to give proper feedback and work with you on your ATC controlling. :) All IFATC should know this…

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