Are there any differences between the A330-300 and A330-200F flight model?

Is the flight model the same between the two, or does the -200F have a better one?

Actually, I think the A330-300 is better as (some of) the liveries are correct.

I´m not too worried about the liveries, I want to know about the flight model, is it better than the A330-300?

Nope. The same but the -200f has the special bit for the front landing gear.


The Cargo aircraft then.

That´s disappointing, I was thinking on buying it.

What makes it disappointing? The weird landing gear bay or whatever it is?
Picture from wikipedia
It’s supposed to correct the nose down cruise position. Not sure if IF modeled that in.


Didn´t you tell me the aircraft had the same flight model as the the A330-300?

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