Are there any aircraft you have never flown?

Well are there? I’ve never flown some military aircraft like the spitfire. What about you guys?
EDIT: just realized I’ve never flown the a319…😬😂

Side note: this isn’t a duplicate, the last one was automatically closed due to inactivity😁

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The 757 and 767. Pretty obvious what the reason is


unfortunately I haven’t flown in any military planes or the B767

WOW! You’ve NEVER flown those? I flew the 767 maybe twice and the 757 MAYBE three times lol

The big military propeller crafts

C17. That’s all I’m going to say


I’ve flown basically every single modern narrowbody and regional jet, but only one widebody😂

I haven’t flown any military aircraft and all the airbus widebodys exept the A330

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When IFSFG did their global tour when global was released they focused on all aspects of the world and nearly every airline and aircraft in IF at the time. I joined them for most of the journey around the world. So I managed to fly almost every aircraft in IF. The only one I didn’t fly was the Decathlon.
I tried on my own but crashed it before getting airborne and gave up 🤣😂

I haven’t really flown the 747’s cause of how big they are

Military Jets or B767-B757

Every aircraft ever built except for the A320, A321 and B737-800.

Edit, I have flown them all because when I first joined I took a picture of each aircraft for a series here on the IFC.

Yet I saw you in a A330 or 777 yesterday lmao… I can’t remember which one 😂

The topic is about Infinite Flight aircraft. 🙂

I think we can all agree if the list was IRL aircraft it would be too big to count 😬


Oh dear :\

My bad, sorry.

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I haven’t flown the F-14 yet.

Commercial aircraft: A340 A350 A380 B787 Q400 E190 A333 77W 764 A220.

Edit: whoops this is IF. I’ve flown on all aircraft 😃

What is the reason?

Never flown with the A330-200F. B757, B739, B742, B77F. B78X, Air Force One.