Are there any Air Transat Aircraft?

Just asking because I cant seem to find one

I don’t think so…lemme check

Also because the callsign is in the list

The only Air Transat that we have in IF is the A333. We just don’t have the livery.

Is air Tran the same thing? Cuz there is a 737-700 air Tran and 717

No, Air Tran and Air Transat are two different airlines.


Ok, thanks!

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Always there to help 😄

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Yep there is nun to be found

There are plenty of callsigns on the list that don’t have a livery to match.

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There is an Air Transat VA coming up to IF, hopefully they’ll add some in.

But if Air Canada buys Air Transat then it’s part of ACVA @Ecoops123

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True, but I’m sure like loads of other fleets in IF, they’ll still make a livery for it :).

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