Are there already shadows or are they coming?

i was wondering are shadows already out or are they coming because i seem to see them sometimes although it is rare, i have not got any photos or anything just remember then. And i do not play any other sims.
thank you!!

I think you mean dynamic lighting. No - it’s not in the sim just yet, but with Project Metal it might be possible.


When your plane is on the ground, you can see the outline of the plane in a shadow under it, as well as all of the other planes around you. If this isn’t working, try turning up the graphics on your device (if your device can handle it).

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Unfortunatey this will be very difficult without project metal, a change in the code to make thinks run better. But good news such as the one here is coming!!! 😀:

“New graphics pipeline”


As mentioned earlier by @Matthewtg2 you have a shadow when on ground and I think you can see your shadow a couple seconds before landing.

Yes, you can see the shadow/outline of the aircraft from about 175 feet AGL on large aircraft, and probably something more like 100 feet AGL in GA aircraft. It’s not amazing, but i suppose it’s something.

Project Metal is going to pretty much redesign all the lighting techniques (among other things) used in IF. The IF team does not set deadlines, and I would be very impressed if they manage to pull it off this year, but it is something to look forward to. You can read more about it here.


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