Are the servers slow?

I am getting Error downloading aircraft. I checked my internet, I am getting 201.56mbps running Samsung Tab s7. Casual server



The servers are running slow at the moment due to the increased amount of pilots flying due to the update!

Hope this helped! :)

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funny that you’re getting the issue too!

Except my specs are an iPad 2 with a pre-global update IF version so any downloads probably won’t work because the servers don’t have them no more

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Yeah, it’s crazy slow, can’t download aircraft or load a flight.

Aren’t all servers separate? I am on casual server says 19% load

This is happening to me as well, I spawned at Zurich and nothing was loading.

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I was able to spawn in at Zurich right now with the rest of the A330 army that’s there (specs this time are ipad pro 9.7")

Even logging on to IF takes 2 plus minutes and I can’t load anything.

i don’t know then, perhaps it’s your internet connection

My original post explains i checked. It’s running fast.

if possible, try a different server or solo mode?

Can’t go on training or expert, haven’t played in awhile so I am stuck on casual. Solo mode doesn’t work also.

have you tried to restart your device?

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Huh, that was it, weird… thank you so much. I didn’t think that was the issue. Thanks for your help.

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sometimes the classic restart-your-device is all it takes

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Are you getting global server down? Or API issue now ?

We’re not experiencing any server issues on our end.
Are there any restrictions on your network? I would try a router restart too, and a different network, to see if those issues are still happening


This isn’t true for aircraft downloads / scenery (this comes from our CDN: see more on our blog). Multiplayer is most likely to be affected though when areas are busy :)

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I restarted my router, that was the issue thanks. Weird, my internet service was great.

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