Are the servers down ?


I have been trying to fly for the past two hours and can’t seem to connect to Infinite Flight. I have a solid internet connection, clear ram , Apple iPad Air 2 .


Nope, they arent. Currently doing a flight and there are also other aircraft around me. Maybe it’s a connection problem on your end?


First off, try looking at your title of the thread and no the servers aren’t down.Try reloading or restarting your phone


I did restart my device multiple times , cleared the ram, and can’t connect for some reason. And I did not come here to get a lecture about titles but help


This might help. Try review it or look on threads similar to yours


Thank You I appreciate the help looks like I can regain access again . It did seem like a connection issue maybe my end maybe the server end . Can close the topic.


Servers don’t seem to be edible at the moment. But they seem fine very up to me. Check your internet, restart the app, and restart your device. If not maybe reinstall the app.


Yes I did everything seems ok now , weird but can fly again . Thanks