Are the planes made in 3DS Max?

Are the planes made in 3DS Max? If so, I am taking Game Design/Graphics, in which my teacher taught us how to use 3DS max. He didn’t full teach us how to make actual things (like modeling cars and stuff), But I do know how to texture using Photoshop. I use 3DS Max to create and to import the stuff to Unreal Engine 4. So, Are the planes made in 3DS Max? Sadly, 3DS Max is not compatible with Mac OS, so I may have lost some of my experience with 3DS Max :(


@jarno80 you may have a helper here.

Yes, they are.


Ah, As you can see, I have a Mac, which sadly does not support 3DS Max. Though, I will be taking the class again this year. Our class uses:

-3DS Max (Windows 7)
-.obj (when importing to Unreal Engine 4)
-Windows 7 machine with lots of power.

Yes 3DS Max doesn’t run on Apple. But there’s another 3D modeling program called Blender, it’s free and also supports Mac OS. I haven’t worked with it personally, so I don’t know the pros cons about this one though. It allows you to import and export .3ds format files I believe.

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I personally never used Blender, it seemed difficult, and I am more used to 3DS Max

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