Are the IF maps and flight plans realistic?


I’m new to infinite flight and I discover basic knowledges of (virtually) pilot a plane…
I wonder if the map and the flight plan on IF are realistic :

  • Does real pilots do the same, i mean adding waypoints on a GPS and then follow the path ?
  • Does it looks like infinite flight map ?
  • Does, irl, the GPS shows the altitude for landing ?
  • Every plane have this kind of gps ? (from cessna to airbus… ?)
  • Is it the most used way of navigate ?

Thanks if you have a couple of minutes to teach me cool things…

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The waypoints are real, but I don’t know how realistic the actual map is. I’m guessing it’s pretty accurate, since Matt is a pilot.

Well, there is a terrain map coming!

Yes they do.[quote=“thms999, post:1, topic:25129”]
Does it looks like infinite flight map ?

If the map looks like IRL, yes, it is realistic I’d say.

Yes, IRL on some planes it’s not a GPS though.

Yra most airplanes are equipped with a GPS IRL. in IF all playes are equipped with one.[quote=“thms999, post:1, topic:25129”]
Is it the most used way of navigate ?

Depends on whether you fly VFR or IFR. Im not sure whether VFR uses waypoints. Ill have to ask @Brandon_Sandstrom here :)

You could use waypoints with a GPS but they teach you to follow VOR’s and track to and from them. And just visual references.


@Mats_Edvin_Aaro must be able to help