Are the game controls tilt screened?

It am a new player and I have a question. This may sound very foolish of me, but, I want to know if the controls of this game are tilt screened. The reason for this is I don’t like games with tilt screen controls because it doesn’t seem realistic.

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Yes it is controlled by tilting your device. There are buttons for other features obviously.

But you can control the tilt sensitivity so in reality you do not tilt is that much compared to other tilt games.


It’s more realistic than controls on screen. Plus, you can use joysticks with this game as well if you own one


They are tilt screen along with a variety of different buttons and sliders.The sim is in fact realistic either way but if you prefer no tilting you can always buy a joystick.


Set sensitivity to low and enjoy the flight

Hey there welcome to the comunity and the world of Infinite flight! There are parts of the game that are tilted like controlling the plane like elevation and turning but most of it you will get use to playing with


Welcome to the forum btw

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Changing sensitivity: Go to settings
Joystick support:Click Here

Do yokes work with IF?


Contrary to what’s been said above joysticks are supported. I have the Logitech extreme 3d pro and it works pretty well.

I take it by “yokes” you are all referring to joysticks?

Nope, yokes are what they use in Boeing’s and non-airbuses. Look one up

Yes because its perfectly realistic to pull a yoke out of a Boeing to attach to your iPad to play IF now isn’t it -.-

You can buy them off the internet, no need for aggression

Seeing logic has gone out the window you can attach your ipad to a real yoke with a suction cup and move the yoke back fourth up and down and it will respond to IF just fine 😂👌✌


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You can always use a joystick


What he meant is Saitek yokes and things like that, which you can buy to work with FSX, X-Plane, P3D, etc… Since Joysticks work with IF, he was asking if these yokes could also work if connected to LiveFlightConnect. Anyway, this is getting off-topic.


Thanks guys. I’m glad that you answered my question so fast.

Yokes are simply joysticks with a different shape, the code is all the same

What a pointless argument… It is clear what he meant. If it has a USB connection, it is likely that it works in IF. End of story.

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I have the reason to believe that Laura said that yokes don’t work with Infinite Flight. I apologise if it upset anyone, but I digress.