Are the Devs going to add interiors?

Look at this I took it using free cam

The cockpit door

Aircraft B789

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Which sense would it make to add a interior? I think it would only take time, money and CPU of us (and of the devs).


This is not a feature request, it is just an observation

@Boeing777x… Why ask the Forum, they don’t possess a crystal ball. If it really, really important to you suggest you ask the Dev’s directly, their addresses are in the directory!


At this moment it’s fine but at one point it would be cool if we could roam the cabin or something 😀

The 717 and CSX have interiors


Yea…a full load of screaming passengers, while you crash those mountains, cause you looking to the nice interiors…for real, first add stuff like global , landing sounds and smoke…who needs interiors? Really, how often do you look in the back of your car…



You’ll find the interior inside the Citation and the 717 on IF :)

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As others have said, it’s not a top priority seeing that it’s unseen most of the time and just uses device resources.

Though I can imagine people complaining that the [insert livery here] 787 doesn’t have the correct style business class seats, etc, etc… :)


Thinking of this gives me a migraine! They definately aren’t going to do this in the next 5years or more…probably more

The 717 has an interior actually. It looks pretty nice, but I don’t get the point of adding an interior. Not too many people go inside of their planes usually.

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There have been other topics on why that plane has an interior. Have we gotten to the bottom of that yet?

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Really, I looked it up and couldn’t find an answer. Could you point me in the right direction :)

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