Are the custom towers in 22.7 only for pro users?

Hi everyone, nice to meet you all, I think everyone is very excited after the brand new 22.7 update is released. I was looking at the new stuff in the update and I saw a custom tower in Singapore Changi and SGBR. I was really excited because I don’t have pro sub and I would like to see the new towers :) However, after I downloaded the new update, the tower in WSSS and SBGR, remains the old generic ATC tower. I saw other IF vids about the new update, but they seem to have the new tower. I want to ask if the new towers are only for IF pro users? If not, would you like to suggest how to solve the problem? Thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻
Device: iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPad Pro 5th Generation
Operating system: iOS 16 for iPhone, iOS 15 for iPad
Here are the pictures:

There is an issue with the airport database which is causing this. The developers are aware and will fix it as soon as possible.


Phew. Thanks. I really thought that now custom towers are only available for pro users in IF ;( but thanks anyway.

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