Are the atc in grade 2 uncualified

Is not very difficult to be an atc in this game, you just answer correctly the people, with limited buttons but here is seen how a departure atc is cracy

Here isn’t all the atc warnings he gave me and i asked him to change my frecuency and he sayed frecuency change approved, good day.
Also i was more than 60miles away from him
Is he trying to any me?

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Well, that is the training server, so ATC might not be experienced in controlling. I would recommend you go on the expert server for more experienced controllers.

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Adding on to what @Aviator_Airbus said unfortunately there isn’t much you can do as you are on TS1. If you want the absolute best ATC experience then the Expert Server is your best option.

If you do not have access to the expert server I recommend you keep up with the ATCEG group weekly schedule as ATCEG controllers are likely more knowledgeable as they are training to become future IFATC controllers.


i had a report and i can´t fly in expert server until 6 days from now

ATC on the training server can’t report you. if you are a G3, you can still fly on Expert.

they´ve reported me on expert

Well, I don’t think G2 ATC can control on Expert. Mistake me if i’m wrong

He means he was reported before on expert and is now back on TS because of it.


Oh, ok that slipped my brain


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