Are special liveries special? @SBSP (From home)

Basically, I decided to do a bit of spotting a few days ago, and there were so many special liveries that they weren’t even special anymore.

Anyway, who cares about introductions, let’s go to what matters.

Starting off with this wonderful retro VoePass (Passaredo) ATR-72 that I didn’t know existed until something like 5 days before I took this picture.

Next up, PR-GXI rockets out of 35L, banking to the right quite early!

One of my favourite photos so far, and the main reason I asked my dad to give me his camera for the day, something WAY better than a CSeries (@DarkspoulYT and @MxP) in this wonderful special livery as a bonus!

Insert the previous photo’s caption here.

LATAM’s special liveries are disappointing, except for PT-MUA.

Mickey Mouse thought he had afterburners and climbed like a rocket, resulting in this early right bank!

Another LATAM. 😒

Probably going to Qatar to pick up Brazilian players after the humiliating loss to Croatia. 😭

Flying carrot, I think…

Finishing off with this wonderful photo: Special livery (albiet yet another meh one), great contrast, beacon and this random tower.

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  • Honestly, stop. These are uglier than the A220.

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Lovely shots! Keep it up!


You are incorrect, I can confidently confirm that it is indeed a plane

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You are wrong here. Perhaps you should look for a pair of glasses.

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Jokes on you i cant look for glasses without glasses

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The pixels are so large I can smell them, no, eat them 🍽️🍽️🍽️

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Thanks for the positive feedback!

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Absolutely lovely. And I think special liveries are special because special liveries are not the same as non-special liveries on special and/or non-special aircraft, hence why they are called special liveries and not non-special liveries.


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Are you shooting in auto? If you are I think you would benefit from maybe slowing the shutter speed a little bit (or opening up aperture depending on what you’re at) and lowering the ISO to reduce the grain a little.

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Eh… it’s my dad’s camera, so I don’t really like the idea of changing anything to be honest (even though it’s been sitting in a wardrobe for years until someone decided it’d be a good idea to photograph some planes). 😅

it can all be changed back literally by a twist of a knob but whatever flies your airplane lol


Imagine getting to plane spot from your house…

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