Are screen burns an issue with long hauls?

Im currently on a long haul flight klax-egll b787-9 virgin atlantic and im wondering that if i leave my view on cockpit will it have screen burns? Im at low power mode and 0 brightness

Most of us do these long hauls all of the time. No issues at all. Just lower your brightness, enable low power mode and you should be fine.


I do long hauls quite often and have not experienced screen burn. Some people recommend putting your device in scenic to prevent it. I don’t, it really comes down to personal preference.

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Ok thanks just woke up with 3 hrs before london and i don’t see an issue ☺️

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Just lower your brightness, turn on low power mode, and set time to evening/night.

I do put the camera in scenic mode and hide the HUD and status bar while in cruise because I use the iPhone X, I would advise you do so if your device has an OLED screen because burn-in is possible on these screens. If your screen is not OLED there shouldn’t be an issue.


Oh im using iphone 6

iPhone 6 screen shouldn’t have any burn in

What I like to do is go into Cockpit #2 and look at the ground so the changing terrain helps. At night time you can also point the camera at the stars so the changing faint points of light prevent screen burn. But if I’m over the Ocean I go into scenic mode.

iPhone 6g uses an LCD so chances of you getting a screen burn in are minimal, devices like mine (S8) use OLED technology, like @SirMS said his iPhone X screen is also OLED which is made by Samsung so if anybody would get a screen its us (I already have one but not from IF)

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Wouldn’t it be cool, to see a beautiful cockpit, even if your device is turned off 😉


I have the Samsung S8 no screen burn. screen (glass) can get quite hot

But on long flights I active the power save option built into the game and leave the phone in game mode hence the screen heat but whilst me eyes are open other than the odd phone call text and post on here my S8 is pure INFINITE FLIGHT

Some really good answers here, I’d just like to point out that it is possible to get “screen burn in” with LCD displays. Called image persistence, it happens when the liquid crystals that define how much light passes through the pixel get ‘tired’ and stop being as active in changing states. The result is quite similar to OLED screen burn in, however, it takes way longer to develop.

In conclusion, you shouldn’t have problems with image persistence on your phone, but it is always good to take the preventive measure to ensure it doesn’t happen 😉

It mostly depends on how good your device is. If it is an up to date device you should have no wprries. I also recommend you enable low power mode in the settings

And as the tech guy I’m gonna squeeze in and give a proper answer;
Whilst the usual IPS capacitive LCD touchscreen can have screen burn in, you would need your brightness to be very high and have the same image persistently on the screen. Whilst Apple IPS displays are nothing special, my Xperia (which is 2 years older) does flights upwards of 15hrs with absolutely no screen burn in issue.
My pixel 2 with its P-OLED screen is a lot more likely to burn in. As the AMOLED is natural, using a persistent light source and image will drastically reduce its operating life.
If you are still concerned, stick your camera view on scenic 2; this is the least demanding exterior view that changes, other angles either don’t move, or move too much (can be taxing on your device).

Don’t think we need any more replies now ;)

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I usually put the screen in Scenic, lower the brightness and set the time at night.
I think that should be enough to prevent screen burning.

This one ran its course. Follow the suggestions above 😎

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